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Launch Day 15% Discount

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Organic Tea

Selenium + Zinc

Detox | Immunity Boost | Weight Control

Anti Stress | & More

Limited Stock | 20 Pouches Each

Carefully Hand picked Tea Leaves

100% Certified Organic & Free from Pesticides

Processed by Experienced Tea Masters

Our Custom State of the Art Packaging 

Our Signature Series*

Naturally Infused with Selenium and Zinc

The SereniTea

Our Signature White Tea

Let`s Meditate & Relax


Peaceful Awareness

Our Signature Green Tea

Let`s Get a Boost


The Sweet Escape

Our Signature Black Tea

Let`s Unwind & Chillout

*Each Signature Tea is limited to just 10-20 orders per Batch

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What makes us Unique ?

Below are just 4 of Dozens upon Dozens of our Tea benefits

Natural Detox

Selenium is the main component in Detox Treatments. Our Teas are Naturally Enriched in it

Immunity Boost

Its no secret Zinc is an essential element to fight off diseases, DnD Teas are Naturally Enriched in it

Weight Control

Studies have shown that Green tea can increase fat burning and boost metabolic rate

Stress Relief

Tea does more than just to keep you alert, it contains Theanine which relaxes you after a stressful day

Unique Tea for Unique You

Our Unique Teas naturally contain Selenium and Zinc which are vital for Detox and Immunity Boost among various other Health Benefits. Wait till you taste its incredible subtle sweetness, fruity and mild nutty notes. Each tea has its own signature flavor and fragrance.

We source our Tea in small batches Fresh off of mountains in South of China where the soil naturally contains these vital elements which makes our tea unique.

We then inspect and taste each batch carefully before packaging it in our Premium grade bags to ensure all the health benefits are locked in.

Because we wanna make you Healthy !

Free yourself from boredom with a cup of tea. 

A special and unique Tea for the Special and Unique you.

Organic Ingredients

Our Teas are 100% Organic and Free from all pesticides.

No Preservatives

We source in small Batches to ensure the most Fresh & Fragrant Tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. When can I order ?
We are in the final phases of packing and doing our final tests to ensure you all get a Premium Product. Keep an eye on the Timer.

You can expect Shipping to begin in a matter of 2-3 weeks

02. How is Dawn n Dusk Teas Unique ?

All our Teas are naturally enriched in Selenium and Zinc because its grown on mountains where these elements are natually present in soil.

Nothing is added artificially in them.

We at Dawn n Dusk Teas are committed to select only Certified Organic Teas and we dont just stop there, we also perform taste and quality test ourselves to ensure its of the high Premium Grade. 

Afterall, this is the tea we also enjoy with our loved ones, so no compromises. 

03. How is the Taste ?
Our Teas have a signature taste which is unique to Selenium & Zinc Tea.

You wont experience bitterness in the tea however, steeping too long can cause slight bitterness. 

DnD Teas contain natural notes of sweetness.

They all have tastes that range from sweet floral notes to sweet caramel notes, sweet tingly fruity notes to sweet earthy/herbal notes. You`ll also feel a sweet chest nutty flavor and fragrance as well.

Tea tasting is a joyful experience and meant to be discovered on your own and we know you`ll love it.

04. What are batches ?

We refer to Batches as to how much Tea we test, process and pack at a given time for you. 

We keep our batch size small, this is because we wanna ensure that our customers get the most Fresh and Premium Grade tea possible.

Once the batch runs out, customers will have to wait until the next batch starts shipping out.

05. My Question is not Answered

Please drop us an email and we`ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Click Here

Pre-Launch Reviews

See what other Tea Lovers are saying about us. We sent out our Tea to some of you to get your Feedback, and its been incredible.
  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
    "A Tea that can help with Detox and tastes like a cup full of mystique yet familiar flavors, Just Perfect."
  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
    "It caught me by suprise, the attention to quality and detail, its got that Premium Feel to it. Whether you love tea or not, its health benefits alone are worth drinking it daily."
  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
    "Having tried so many other teas, this one surely is something different, very beautiful aroma, my new favorite. I`d recommend it to everyone"
  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
    "A hidden gem. Perfect for relaxing down after a busy day. Its like having a sweet escape of my own. Very excited for the Launch."
  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
    "I`d give it a 10 star. No other cup of Tea has it all.  Detox, Immunity Boost, Weight Control and also a great depth in taste. Its like All-in-One Tea"
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