Tea Benefits

Green tea is one of the best antioxidants.

Among its various other benefits, it may help with brain function and fat loss, help reduce the chance of developing heart disease, and offer some protection against cancer.

Traditionally, green tea was a medicine for controlling bleeding, aiding digestion, and regulating body temperature.

Eliminate Dioxins from your body


Green tea being one of the best Antioxidants, have been studied for years to help detoxify the liver.

Our Organic Tea can help to maintain your ability to process what you put in and remove waste products and toxins from your body.

Increases fat burning

Weight Control

In most fat burning supplements, chances are, green tea is in it. Its because, Green tea can increase fat burning and boost metabolic rate.

In two studies involving 10 and 12 healthy men, taking green tea extract increased the calories burned by 4% and 17%, compared with those taking a placebo.

But the results vary from person to person.

All in all, it can assist in losing weight and maintaining healthy weight.

Better Heart Health

Cardivascular Health

Protecting your cardiovascular system is fundamental to a long and healthy life.

One large study in Japan followed 40,000 adult participants over 11 years found that daily green tea consumption resulted in lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The minimum daily consumption required to see this benefit was five cups per day.

Another large Japanese study, this one following more than 82,000 participants over 13 years, found that higher consumption rates of green tea showed reduction in the risk of strokes.

Our Worst Enemy

Stress Relief

We all know stress never leads to anything good, so why keep it ?

A little might be ok and can be motivating in some cases, but when it gets out of control, it can lead to a slippery path and is not good for health.

Helps you stay vigilant

Cognitive Ability

Green tea does more than just keep you alert, it may also help boost brain function.

Help with Diabetes

Blood Sugar

Green tea can be beneficial for those with diabetes. Drinking green tea may help reduce cellular damage, decrease inflammation, and optimize blood sugar control

Happy Tummy


Digestion is key thing for having a good day or good night and quite fundamental to other functions in your body and is one of the cornerstones of health.

Stay away from Diseases

Immune Boost

Your immune system encompasses all of your protection against disease and is much more than simply fighting off colds. It is the central key to good health and it must be perfectly balanced (not too weak and not over reacting). These brews will tune up your immune system!

Potential Risks

Green tea, at a moderate rate of 8 cups per day or less, is considered safe for most adults. However, there are risks posed by consuming green tea in high concentrations, especially as an extract.

People with existing liver problems are generally advised to avoid green tea extracts. People who experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, dark urine, or jaundice while taking green tea extract should discontinue use and consult a physician.

As a caffeine-rich drink, green tea may pose a risk to people with diabetes. Caffeine has been shown to potentially raise blood sugar of people with type-2 diabetes.